Online Solution for Skilled Ladies

A Unique Platform kalewal subsidies by IT Artificer Provide an easy way for the skilled ladies of Pakistan to sell their hand-crafts nationwide and internationally. This will serve as a medium to promote our culture and preserve our local heritage. At the same time, this platform will generate a fair amount of income for skilled ladies. Who has family limitations to go out and work but has skills to support their families

There is much talent exist for hand-craft creation in our cities and big portion in small villages. The government initiated certain projects in the past, trained many people, and tried to make them independent. But unfortunately, they are still jobless. A more practical platform is missing where these trained workers can present their work and earn a decent income.

Our goal is to fill this gap and give them access to the actual market. Where they can decide their own price per product. This will create more revenue for those who can’t go out of their houses for personnel and social reasons.